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Playing the Black Card

 In America, there’s a card more valuable than any card from Visa or American Express. What is it? How can you get one? Candace Owens, Communications Director for Turning Point USA, answers these questions.

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Obama: Government’s Job Is To Create Jobless

President Obama insists that unless he gets to redistribute income, racial tensions in America will increase. As far as I can tell the only racial tensions in America are those manufactured by the race hustlers of the Democrat party and their enablers in the media. In fact, race relations in America have never been better. […]

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The Extortion, Persecution, and Destruction of Paula Deen

Butter. That’s what comes to mind when Seraphic Secret thinks of Paula Deen. She cooks with lots and lots of butter. And, not surprisingly, her politically incorrect defiance of liberal health Nazis have made her brand wildly popular. So: when we heard that Paula Deen was in hot water because of a single word—

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How Not To Be a Racist in Obama’s America

If you voted for Obama, you’re not a racist. If you did not vote for Obama, you are a racist. But if you are a non-racist who voted for Obama but now plan on voting for Romney, well, obviously you’re a racist. This very funny instructional video, produced by Black and Right, explains how race […]

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The Rape, Torture and Murder Of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

George Zimmerman is being tried, judged and lynched by the race-baiters of the left—in concert with the liberal media. Race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and Barack Obama are doing what they do. I expect no less. It’s how they make a living. It’s why they breathe. But the media is […]

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