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Al-Qaeda Warns of More Bombings In America

Just a few weeks ago Barack Hussein Obama boasted that “al-Qaeda was on a path to defeat.” This is not only delusional, it is dangerously delusional. Wars are over when one side emerges as victor and the other side surrenders. You do not end a war with campaign style pronouncements.

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Another Day, Another IslamoNazi, Plus Flashback to the Jews Eisenhower and Roosevelt

Well, at least the so-called Palestinians, are openly declaring their ideology and genocidal intentions. Leftists, along with their Islamist buddies, rely on a well-rehearsed fiction—AKA lie—in order to excuse the Jew-hatred that is endemic in the Muslim world. They tell us that it’s not really Jew-hatred at work, rather, political opposition to “rascist, colonial Zionism.” […]

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