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Democrats — Burning Down America

Tweet   Conservatives believe that Democrats are delusional utopians. Democrats believe that conservatives are evil. My wife, Karen, and I were raised as lever-pulling New York Democrats. Why were we Democrats for so many years? Well, because our parents were Democrats. Why were our parents Democrats? Because, they told us, Democrats were for the little […]

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Businesses, Unions And Schools All Warn Of Cuts In Hours Due To Obamacare…

Tweet Even NBC, a bastion of liberal thought and Obama-worship, can no longer deny the obvious economic disaster that is Obamacare.

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Obama By The Numbers

Tweet The statistics charting our nation’s economic decline during the Obama years are devastating and damning. More and more, under Obama and the Democrat party, America resembles the disastrous Socialist European model that is—big shock—imploding, exploding and melting before our very eyes. But nothing will deter Obama’s radical ideology which calls for more government regulation, […]

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