Trump and the Medieval Church



They say they are part of the resistance.

A rather romantic notion for a political hissy fit which is nothing if not reactionary. What are the coastal elites resisting? They will answer with one word: Trump.

But dig deeper and ask exactly which of Trump’s policies they are against and the answers get a bit more confused. I heard one gay man claim that Trump is preparing legislation against gay rights. This is, um, incorrect. First of all, Congress prepares legislation. Second, Trump is all for gay rights, all for gay marriage. He is not a standard Conservative. He is not a libertarian. He is not a Democrat either. The fact is that Trump is a quirky man who loves America.

What strikes me most forcefully about the Trump hysteria is how much it reminds me of the medieval church. For hundreds of years, the Church fought mightily to put a lid on all dissent and heresy. Books were burned. People were burned. And yet with all the force it wielded, which was considerable, the Reformation happened. The Church could no longer contain that bubbling cauldron of discontent.

It seems to me that the American political system was rotting from the inside like the medieval church. The Democrats dictated how to think, how to live, how to breathe. And the Republican establishment’s job was to show up, make a polite case for Conservative values — and lose.

Meanwhile, in the heartland, citizens were disgusted by both parties. They saw no real distinction between a Clinton presidency and a Bush presidency. Their communities crumbled, jobs shifted overseas, and those who were left were gobbling Oxy.

Along came Trump, a brash builder who somehow understood the frustrations of the working man. And he just busted through all the ideological rigidity and threats of hell and damnation.

The coastal elites have been told that they are irrelevant, that their lists of dos and don’ts will not longer be tolerated.

It is now obvious that the overeducated overbred elites will never accept the results of this election. They will spend the next four years undermining Trump’s administration. But their efforts, like that of the medieval church, will turn back on itself. All Trump has to do is keep his campaign promises—which he is is doing quite nicely, thank you—and continue to goad the leftist press into acting like a bunch of hysterical clergyman who, one fine morning, discover that their churches are filled with empty pews.

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  1. eyawitz
    Posted February 22, 2017 at 5:27 am | Permalink

    Trump is all for gay rights

    The phrase “gay rights” in itself already represents a capitulation to the agenda of the homosexuals (I refuse to use the word ‘gay’ for them) and their leftist allies. Homosexuals already enjoyed all the rights that all other Americans did at least since the end of anti-sodomy legislation many decades ago. No one on the right is championing the return of such legislation, and so these (poor) perverted individuals already have the right to do as they please, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, i.e. demanding that bakeries or photographers service their wedding, etc.

    In the current climate, we have to be extremely careful in avoiding the traps of leftist language

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  2. Michael Kennedy
    Posted February 21, 2017 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Tucker Carlson, who is going to make people forget who Megyn Kelly was before she starts at NBC, had a woman radical anti-Trump type on tonight. If I didn’t know better, I would think they get these people from Central Casting. “Send me a standard anti-fascist feminist with no sense of humor.” I didn’t watch all of it but it is amazing where these people come from. Today there were apparently 10 people who showed up for a demonstration in Knoxville for Presidents Day.

    They are beyond parody,

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  3. pkoning
    Posted February 21, 2017 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    The medieval church analogy is an excellent one. You can really see this when you examine the Cult of Warmism (“climate change”). It relies on “prophets”, secret documents, and especially on powerful suppression of dissent and heresy. Not even slight deviations are tolerated: you are required to believe not just in climate change, but in the doctrine that it’s largely done by humans (and in particular, that it’s largely done by white male western capitalists).

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